Chased Schel Amess installs officers, board


The Chased Schel Amess Association (Lincoln Park Cemetery) held its 110th annual meeting and installation of officers and board members for 2023-2024. The meeting was held at the Phyllis Siperstein Tamarisk Assisted Living Residence in Warwick on June 11.

Greg Porcaro, CPA of Otrando, Porcaro & Associates, delivered a presentation to the members on the financial health of the association. Murray Gereboff served as the installing officer:

Row 1: David Weiss, Ronald Freeman, Susan Vederman (financial secretary), Michael Weiner (2nd vice president), Aaron Weintraub (president), David Mossberg (1st vice president), Steven Sholes (treasurer), Susan Feldman, Joel Gerstenblatt

Row 2: Marvin Stark, Ried Redlich, Lowell Lisker, Sam Mendelowitz, Michael Penn, Mona Scheraga, Arline Elman, Linda Weisman, Gerald Sherman, Edward Fink, Steven Hershey, David Altman, Murray Gereboff