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Multimedia genocide-awareness program to be held at RIC

5 days ago

“Remembrance, Resilience and Renewal: Genocide Awareness Through the Arts , ” a multidisciplinary program of music, art, spoken word and dances from four cultures that have faced genocide, will be presented on April 28 at Rhode Island College. …
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Providence journalist’s new book examines the ‘Pill Mill Killer’

Friday, April 5

Philip Eil wasn’t quite 24 when he learned a startling fact: His father, Dr. Charles Eil, had been a medical school classmate of Paul Volkman, M.D., the convicted …

Review: Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away

Thursday, March 21

BOSTON, MASS. – Dramatic narratives built from historical and archival materials have been called “testimony’s ambitious sister” by the late South African Nobel Peace Prize recipient Desmond Tutu. They provide a voice for ordinary, silenced people who have lived through or died during extraordinary circumstances, and have the power to break stereotypes, enhance understanding and foster empathy.

“Auschwitz. Not Long Ago. Not Far Away” provides that narrative for the approximately one million Jews and tens of thousands of Polish political prisoners, Sinti, Roma and Soviet POWs, Jehovah’s Witnesses and those the Nazis deemed homosexual, disabled, criminal, inferior or adversarial in countless other ways who met their demise at the Auschwitz concentration camp in Oświęcim, Poland. The traveling exhibition is having its New England premiere at The Castle at Park Plaza after opening in Madrid’s Arte Canal Exhibition Centre in 2017.


Supplements to the haggadah are coming to address the war

Friday, April 5

As the American-Israeli poet Marty Herskovitz thought about the upcoming Passover holiday, the prospect of singing “Dayenu” at the first seder since his country was attacked didn’t …

Headlines from Israeli newspapers

Blinken: No announcement on Netzach Yehuda sanctions today, but stay tuned

US Secretary of State tells reporters an announcement is expected “in the days ahead” on whether to restrict assistance to the IDF's Netzach Yehuda Battalion.

Meet Bob Abelman, Jewish Rhode Island’s new theater critic

Friday, March 1

Bob Abelman, an award-winning former theater critic for the Austin Chronicle and Cleveland Jewish News, is now writing reviews of the Providence Performing Arts Center’s Broadway and Encore …
D'var Torah

Finding joy and meaning in Pesach during this difficult time Finding joy and meaning in Pesach during this difficult time

Friday, April 5

Pesach is a joyous celebration of our physical redemption from the land of Egypt. We host or attend sederim, during which we eat foods that connect us to the events of the narrative, we share the …

Editor's column

L’dor vador: Our traditions keep us close

It’s not easy being far from family, especially during different, and sometimes difficult, life-cycle changes. More people than ever seem to be experiencing the trials and tribulations of …

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The editor’s life, in all its messiness

You may not agree with everything we print – and that’s fine

Spread light during this dark December

What binds Jews together is stronger than our disagreements


Jane Bernson, 87

Tuesday, April 16

Howard Goldsmith, 82

Tuesday, April 16

Arthur Plitt, 83

Tuesday, April 16

Judith Pritikin, 64

Tuesday, April 16

Yevgeniy Shabashevich, 88

Tuesday, April 16

Louis Shatkin, 88

Tuesday, April 16

Barbara Wong, M.D., 81

Monday, April 1

Jean Wilkes, 67

Monday, April 1

Reading and rereading the cover story in the March 17 issue of the New York Times Magazine has made me angry and made me sad. Nikole Hannah-Jones, a winner of the 2020 Pulitzer Prize and creator …
    • How to be Jewish in the diaspora

      I set foot in Israel for the first time in June 1965. Having just turned 21 and looking forward to my senior year at Columbia come September, I …

Letters to the Editor

Disputing the professor

Friday, April 5

Professor Nina Tannenwald consistently finds ways to criticize Israel. As soon as I see her name in the byline [March 2024], I know it will be a hit piece. Israel is in a dangerous neighborhood. The …

Disapproval not our role

Friday, April 5

I am dismayed by Rabbi Rosenberg’s disapproving tone [March 2024] when he speaks of Israel’s retaliation in the Israel-Hamas war.  How can American Jews feel justified in …

A different reality

Friday, April 5

To read Nina Tannenwald’s piece “ ‘Israelism’ explores the disillusionment of American Jews,” [March 2024] is to suffer the horror of art being used to debase the soul. …

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Matzah brei gets a trendy makeover with cacio e pepe

Friday, April 5

JTA – Cacio e pepe translates to cheese and pepper, and the classic Roman pasta dish includes little more than these eponymous ingredients. In the classic recipe, spaghetti and salted pasta …

A matzah ball soup rich in tradition

Friday, April 5

JTA – Though my Grandma Snazzy, my mother’s mother, seemed to barely eat a thing (to this day, I am convinced she subsisted on toast and coffee), she was a wonderful Jewish cook. One of …

Other news
Brown/RISD students produce new online Jewish journal   

The Brown RISD community has a new proud Jewish voice that has gained a lot of positive attention with its debut issue. The Brown Jewish Journal, an online publication produced by seven Brown and RISD students, made its debut in March. And it’s …

Celebrate our culture at Jewish Culture Fest

PROVIDENCE – On June 2, Rhode Islanders are invited to the Jewish Culture Fest, a day-long festival of music, food, art and entertainment. The outdoor event will feature a kids’ area, artisan marketplace, crafts, food trucks, …

Fostering cultural connections: HaZamir Jerusalem and Providence

In a remarkable display of cultural exchange and unity, teens from HaZamir Jerusalem and HaZamir Providence recently embarked on a transformative cultural experience, fostering strong bonds of …

Show us your pets!

Do you have a furry friend you’d like to share with the community?  May is coming up and that means it's time for Jewish Rhode Island's annual pet issue where we feature photos of …