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For this Jewish couple, saving children’s lives has become a life commitment

Friday, July 5

When Ari Johnson and Jessica Beckerman moved to Mali in 2007 – he as a Harvard medical student taking a year off from his studies, she as a Fulbright scholar studying health care — 15% of …

Thank you, Rhode Island

Monday, July 8

Dear Rhode Island. I was very happy and touched to see my name in the Jewish Rhody this week [June 2024]. It warms my heart to know you still remember me, even 10 years after my last summer at …

Revised ‘Picking Up Stones' at FringePVD

Thursday, July 11

“Providence has emerged as New England’s creative capital,” declared a recent CNN Travel posting, adding that it is “one of the USA’s most impressive cities for …
Headlines from Israeli newspapers

‘If only we had known’

Neighbors of the hostage-holders in Nuseirat express self-pity, not sorrow for the captives next door. Op-ed.

A Celebration of Jewish Culture

Friday, June 7

PROVIDENCE – Bright blue skies and warm temperatures on June 2 made for the perfect day for the inaugural Jewish Culture Fest, held inside and outside the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish …
D'var Torah

How to save ourselves from creating Hell on Earth

Friday, July 5

We live in an era that represents an epic crossroad of human history on multiple fronts. Our material successes have created a large human footprint; combined with materialism, and aided by intractable problems of equity, responsibility and collective action, we are in the midst of a silent yet ongoing sixth extinction, with dramatic declines in biodiversity and catastrophic threats to the geological and biological processes that sustain life on earth.

Editor's column

Things change, but family is forever

I’ve spent a lot of time in my childhood home in the last few months. My folks still live independently, but they sometimes need a little help from their children, which has given me an …

Change is in the air

Pollen and pets and patrons

L’dor vador: Our traditions keep us close

Spring is in the air!

The editor’s life, in all its messiness


Martin Cooper, 71

5 days ago

Arlene Cohen, 82

5 days ago

Gilda Greenberg, 75

5 days ago

Enid Ross, 89

5 days ago

Rose Sagan, 85

5 days ago

Elizabeth Sandy, 101

5 days ago

Sybil Savit, 94

5 days ago

Ruth Stark, 78

Tuesday, July 16

Does God need us?   Does God need you?   Does God need me? At first glance, these questions seem absurd … if not blasphemous.   If God is God – that is to say, if God …
Letters to the Editor

Jewish American Heritage Month

Friday, June 7

Jewish American Heritage Month , celebrated in May, is meant to highlight Jewish history and connections with America. Jewish history in the United States traces its origins to 1492 Spain, when …

Disputing the professor

Friday, April 5

Professor Nina Tannenwald consistently finds ways to criticize Israel. As soon as I see her name in the byline [March 2024], I know it will be a hit piece. Israel is in a dangerous neighborhood. The …

Disapproval not our role

Friday, April 5

I am dismayed by Rabbi Rosenberg’s disapproving tone [March 2024] when he speaks of Israel’s retaliation in the Israel-Hamas war.  How can American Jews feel justified in …

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Challah taste test reveals many good choices in Providence area

Friday, July 5

Do you like your challah soft and fluffy or with a dense, firm bite? Do you prefer a loaf with seeds? Is a golden crust important to you? Do you have definite opinions on the best braid for a Shabbat …

Mouthwatering dairy recipes for Shavuot

Friday, June 7

Shavuot is coming , at sundown on June 11, and to many of us, that means dairy! Cheesecake, blintzes and noodle kugels are traditional choices, but this year, why not add something delicious and …

Other news
Summer fun at Camp JORI

It's July in Rhode Island and the temperatures are soaring. But camp carries on. Photographer Glenn Osmundson caught some of the summer fun at Camp JORI in Wakefield.

JCC aqua fitness classes more and more popular

Water fitness is popular at the Dwares Jewish Community Center, in Providence. So popular, in fact, that beginning July 22, you will have to sign up to participate in the Monday morning Deep Water …

Good Energy?

How times have changed: An advertisement in the Herald from July 1975 extols the virtues of nuclear power. The company in question was Narragansett Electric, which established the Yankee Rowe Nuclear …

Plans to create a Community Hevra Kadisha in R.I. move forward

PROVIDENCE – About 50 people gathered in a circle in the social hall at the Alliance’s Dwares Jewish Community Center on May 30 to talk about death, specifically Jewish rituals …